The preacher liked to walk around
And talk to those he’d meet in town.
When he walked, he’d pick a street,
Just to see whom he would meet.

He liked to watch the human race,
The smiles or frowns on each one’s face.
To every one he’d tip his hat.
He’d stand all day and chew the fat.

That’s how he first met Bad-Luck Bill,
Who said his life was a bitter pill.
The cattle he owned on a hundred hills,
Were now collateral to pay his bills.

He said that he was really down,
‘Cause he owed every one in town.
His social life took quite a trouncing.
His wife left him, her checks were bouncing.

He borrowed from the ones he knew.
No help from family, he owed them too.
The preacher told him his lot in life,
Was helping others endure their strife.

“Well, meeting you was a piece of luck.
Sure, you can help, lend me a buck.”
That’s not the help the preacher meant,
For he knew he had been God sent.

He told Bill, “It might seem odd
But what you need is a word from God.
God’s Bible is a wondrous book.
It has your answer if you’ll just look.”

“Open the Bible, just anywhere
And read the word that you find there.
Your finger will point to a word for you
And then your faith will make it true.”

“In my experience, it’s always right.
So try it out at home tonight.”
When preacher met him some weeks later,
Bill said his life was never greater.

“I have new friends and a brand new wife.
I’ve completely turned around my life.”
He was driving a great big shiny car
And chewing on an expensive cigar.

“I took your advice,” he said with a grin.
He opened the door, “Come on, hop in.”
“You opened your Bible, God showed you a word?
Wow! It sure worked faster than I’ve ever heard.”

“What did you find that worked so soon?
It looks like you must’ve asked for the moon!”
“The words I found turned my hell to heaven.
My finger was pointing to CHAPTER 11.”

Bankrupt is a poem with a heavy moral. On first thought we all feel negative about someone who uses the law (Chapter Eleven) to avoid the responsibility of paying legitimate debts to honest people.

On second thought, isn’t that God’s plan of salvation? Jesus was our ‘Chapter Eleven’ and all of our debts were wiped clean two thousand years ago by his death.

‘Bad Luck Bob’ found his answer in the Bible, no matter how unconventional. God’s plan for our salvation is even more simple, try John 3:16.


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