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Manger Scene

It is Christmas time again With the many manger scenes. Both shepherds poor and wise men Who were all of wealthy means. The cattle are all healthy And the donkey is well fed. And little baby Jesus Has a halo ‘round his head. Everything is so spotless, Mary’s clothes all look so clean. It looks […]

Christmas Gift

I would find the perfect gift, I knew nothing else would do. It had to be so special To show that my love was true. So I went from store to store And I saw so many things. I set myself no limits, Even looked at diamond rings. Now the perfect gift for her Must […]

The Night Clerk

When I was born, the midwife said That one day I’d change history. Now what she meant has always been, To all of us, a mystery. My parents had been way too poor To send me off somewhere to school, But they taught me to be honest And to obey the golden rule. They taught […]