Christmas Gift

I would find the perfect gift,
I knew nothing else would do.
It had to be so special
To show that my love was true.

So I went from store to store
And I saw so many things.
I set myself no limits,
Even looked at diamond rings.

Now the perfect gift for her
Must tell just the way I feel
And must leave no shred of doubt
That my love for her is real.

The days that I spent looking
For the perfect gift were long.
The thoughts of her excitement
Put into my heart a song.

Then I found the perfect gift
In a dingy little store.
It was just the kind of place
Fancy people would ignore.

I didn’t wrap it fancy
For the gift alone was such
That it would convey my love,
She would understand how much.

It was all that I could do
Just to wait for Christmas Day.
In my mind a hundred times
I had guessed what she would say.

It was a little early
When I drove out to her place.
My gift in its plain wrapping,
No ribbon or fancy lace.

With shaking hands I gave her
The gift I’d bought with such care.
She looked at the box and asked,
“Did it really come from there?”

“So many fancy places,
Why not shop at one of those?
Nothing good comes from that place,
As any fool surely knows!”

Of course my heart was broken,
I had never felt so low.
I got back into my car
And I drove away real slow.

With a heart so full of grief,
Grief that set my thoughts adrift.
Did I too respond in kind
To my God’s most perfect gift?

My wife Ruth, looks forward to Christmas because she loves to give gifts. She always seems to know what would be perfect for whom. It’s not as much fun for her though, if she can’t be there to see it being opened. It takes all of the fun out of her giving if there is a negative or a ho-hum reaction. I’m sure that you saw right away that Christmas Gift is a parody. It’s about what God’s reaction must be when we reject His gift.


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