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She’s Gotten Better

My wife cooked T bone steaks. As soon as she was done, She placed them on the table, And I took the biggest one. She gave me a nasty look, And in a sarcastic voice She said, “When we got married You always gave me first choice.” I talked around a mouthful, Steak juice running […]

Thank You Notes

Every year she sent them presents But never once received a thank you. If she asked, they’d say, “I got it”, Or, “Oh, I really thought you knew.” So, last year she sent them money But still she got not one response. This year, instead she sent them checks, Which quickly cured their nonchalance. Knowing […]

Icy Kiss

I saw two people kissing, On a lawn just down the street. Both were a little pudgy; Neither one of them had feet. They were dressed in hand-me-downs, Neither of them seemed to care. Both of them wore hats to hide The fact that neither one had hair. Although their kiss was passionate, And the […]