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How to Beat a Speeding Ticket

She was stopped for speeding And she knew she’d get a ticket. But if she played her cards just right, She might be able to lick it. When he asked her for her license, She told him, “This will make your day. I don’t have a driver’s license, The stupid judge took it away!” “And […]

Welfare Office

She came into my small office, Her fifteen boys and girls in tow. How she remembered all their names Was one thing that I had to know. All she said was, “Sit down, Leroy,” When they had filed in through the door. All of them had quickly minded, Filling the chairs and half the floor. […]

The Marriage Counselor’s Advice

They told the marriage counselor All of their irks and all their woes woes. How they’d stayed this long together I don’t think anybody knows. Then the counselor grabbed the wife He held her tight and then he kissed her; A very long and passionate kiss, Not the kind he’d give his sister! Then he […]

Probably Wasn’t the Same Lion

Strolling through the jungle, Ted and his buddy Bryan Were surprised to come upon A very badly distressed lion. It was sitting out there alone, On the hot Savanna Plain. Its paw was red and swollen; They could tell it was in pain. Ted was quick to tell his buddy, His gullible buddy Bryan, About […]

New Step-Mother

I told the pretty blonde-haired girl, Who I met at the health food bar, That she shouldn’t laugh at me For driving such a shabby car. “My dad just won the lottery, And he has just turned ninety-nine. His health is poor; he’ll die real soon, And then his money will be mine.” She treated […]