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My supermarket says people Will be encouraged to buy more, If there is a matching odor For all the things sold in their store. Fresh roasting ears are quick to sell When customers smell buttered corn, And vegetables are misted with The smell of rain on a spring morn. When walking by the fresh farm […]

The Babysitter

Mother hired a babysitter To stay with me while she went out. She said that it would do no good For me fuss and stomp about. To have a sitter sit with me Is quite an awesome task, it seems. Our neighbors one time called the cops Because of babysitter’s screams. She said the sitter […]

Peaches or Peas

She had been caught shoplifting. The judge asked her, “What did you take?” She shouted when she answered the judge, “A can of peaches, for goodness sake!” “How many peaches were in the can?” The judge asked, contemplating her fate. “How do I know”, the woman answered, “I think that there were probably eight.” “Then […]

Goodbye Daddy

Tom said his prayers with Dad each night, He was a very thoughtful lad; He always prayed, “God bless my Mom.” And then he prayed, “God bless my Dad.” The next one on his prayer list; “God, don’t forget to bless Grandma.” Tonight his ending surprised Dad When he just said, “Goodbye, Grandpa.” They got […]