Goodbye Daddy

Tom said his prayers with Dad each night,
He was a very thoughtful lad;
He always prayed, “God bless my Mom.”
And then he prayed, “God bless my Dad.”

The next one on his prayer list;
“God, don’t forget to bless Grandma.”
Tonight his ending surprised Dad
When he just said, “Goodbye, Grandpa.”

They got the word about Grandpa,
On his way home from Kelly’s Bar,
He tried to cross a busy street
And got run over by a car.

That night when Tommy said his prayers,
Of course he couldn’t bless Grandpa
But he blessed both his mom and dad
And ended with, “Goodbye, Grandma.”

Now Tommy’s Dad thought this was strange.
And just a wee bit frightening.
Then they got word, Grandma was dead.
She had been struck by lightning!

That night when Tommy said his prayers,
He seemed to be a little sad;
But his poor dad got really scared.
When Tom’s prayers ended, “Goodbye, Dad.”

Next day Tom’s dad stayed at his desk
Hunkered down in painful fright.
His eyes glued to the office clock
Until the time was past midnight.

When at last he got home safely,
And got screamed at for being late.
He tried to tell about his day
And how he had defeated fate.

His wife just looked at him and said,
“You think that your day was so hard,
After you left home this morning
The mailman dropped dead in our yard!”


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