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The Party Before Christmas

I haven’t got the presents wrapped, The first guests have appeared. My kids are both hysterical, They’ve just found Santa’s beard. Bill’s rearranging mistletoe From where it was before, In hopes that he will get to kiss The widow from next door. They just returned my Christmas cards. In spite of getting writer’s cramps. I […]

Did You Start at One?

My granddaughter called me last night To wish me a happy birthday. A call from my young granddaughter Pleases me more than I can say. She asked me just how old I was; I told her I turned sixty five. She said that’s a real big number; “Are you the oldest man alive?” I told […]

A Note From Jesus

She received the note quite early; It had come in the morning mail. She had been living on welfare And her health had become quite frail. What the note said gave her new life. “This evening I’ll be passing through And if it’s not too much trouble I would like to visit with you.” She […]