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The Code

The old priest had grown unhappy Adultery had become rampant. His confessional was busy So many wanted to repent. But their sin was oft repeated T here seemed a total lack of care. The priest told his parishioners Of growing feelings of despair. So the members had a meeting They would lighten the old priest’s […]


Vegetarian is derived From the Indian word, “To fail”. But more specifically it means “Him who never learned to hunt well”.

Performance for Mother

My mother likes to show me off ‘Cause I know how to dance and sing. That I really hate to do it Has never seemed to mean a thing. She makes me go to dancing class And hired someone to teach me voice. She said show biz is in my blood And that I really […]

Getting Old

They gave me a birthday party All I got were these dumb sandals. I didn’t have a birthday cake; They couldn’t afford the candles!