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There’s a Frog in my Stew

He said, “Waiter, waiter, There’s a frog in my stew! I ordered shrimp gumbo, Now I think I see two!” “Well don’t make such a fuss”, The waiter quickly said. “They’re not swimming about, Just look, they’re both dead!” “And don’t wave them around! Put them back in your stew, Or all of the others […]

Nobody’s Perfect

Kings and queens Wear under things; Presidents wear Briefs or boxers. First ladies once Were silly Bobby-Soxers. The Pope, I do suppose, From time to time Must pick his nose. Why tell you this? My reason’s simple. I woke up this morning With a great big pimple!

Secret Love

I know somebody with a crush on you And I know somebody who likes your looks; Someone who’d like to walk you home from school, Somebody who’d like to carry your books. I know someone who writes you unsent notes; Somebody who loves everything you do. And if I weren’t so awfully bashful, I would […]


All snakes are dangerous, They all can cause you pain. So when I scream and yell Don’t view me with disdain. Even dead snakes can hurt I don’t care what they say. I’ve been hurt quite badly Running the other way.


Erica’s scared of spiders And she throws a screaming fit. Wonder why she is so scared ‘Cause she’s never once been bit. Spiders are scared of Erica, They have every right to be. She kills them without mercy On wall or path or tree. So if you have a spider, Who you think of as […]