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Bad Day

He had a bad day at the shop, It was the worst day of his life. He could hardly wait to get home For some sympathy from his wife. But when he had tried to tell her, That’s when things got a little terse… Because after he untied her She claimed her day had been […]

Pink Snow

Now that we’ve moved it in the house, We soon forgot what came before. The little house out in the back With crescent cut-out in the door. No ‘lectric light to read books by, No heat to shield from winter cold. But countless tales of this small house, Down through the ages have been told. […]


My teeth are all false And my eyes are shot. My hearing is bad I have gone to pot. Arthritis has Invaded each joint. My fingers are bent I can’t even point. My hair’s become thin, My body has not. My walker’s become The best friend I’ve got. If I had just known I’d reach […]

The Coat

She said, “Here, Henry, put this on…” As she handed him his coat. So he put the darn thing on And ran the zipper to his throat. Then he said, “Will you please tell me Just what this is all about? Have I started to get cold Or am I planning to go out?”