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Hat Trick

Weird Willy Bigbean Longarm Jones Put on a hat that was too tight, And when he tried to pull it off, He stretched his neck plumb out of sight. You think his arms would be too short? You think that I would lie to you? Well Willy tried to lift some weights So Willy’s arms […]


“There’s a whole lot of men,” She told her boyfriend Harry, “Who will be miserable On the day that I marry.” “Do you really think so?” Asked her boyfriend Harry. “And just how many men Do you intend to marry?”

Bubba Claus

‘Twas the night before Christmas and down at the trailer park Not a creature was stirring, not a one since it got dark. A big red candle was lit on our front room window sill More ‘portant to buy presents, than to pay the ‘lectric bill. Rastus, the coon dog, was tied and the latch […]

A Mother Worm’s Advice

You can go to bed early But always get up late, Or you might make a meal For some early bird’s plate. If you’re asked out fishing Be wary of the date, Until you ask the guys What they’re gonna use for bait.