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The pastor stood by the chapel front door Shaking hands as the members departed. An elderly couple stopped to shake hands. The husband who was slightly retarded, Told the preacher, “I’d like for you to know, Your sermon was really lousy today.” His wife said, “Don’t pay him no mind preacher. He just repeats what […]

Maid Me Do It

I woke up early, I had to hurry To do all the things That caused me worry. I scrubbed all the floors, I changed all the sheets. Dusted the knickknacks And set out some treats. All the dust bunnies I had neglected And crooked hangings Have been corrected. I washed the dishes And put them […]

Kate’s Fate

Kate loved to eat Kate loved to skate And that is how Kate met her fate. Because old Kate, None the lighter, Turned a circle Tight then tighter. The weather warm The ice was thin. Her skates cut through And Kate fell in!

My Son the Saint

My darling son is such a saint. He hasn’t cheated on his wife, Or touched a drop in fifteen years, He leads a very sheltered life. He’s excellent at hard labor At least that’s what we’ve all been told. We’re gonna throw him one big party If he should ever get paroled!