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The perfect age for a woman I think is thirty-nine. That’s the age that I give When people ask me mine.

Turn Around

I wonder, if pigs learned to talk, Would they criticize each other? Would they say, “You’re such a human!” To a sister or a brother? If a mouse owned a computer, Just imagine it if you can, When he moved the little arrow D’you think he’d use a tiny man? If a horse could tell […]


The judge asked, “How could you acquit him? What a terrible thing to do!” The foreman answered, “Insanity.” The judge asked, “All twelve of you?”

Well Qualified

They say that everyone should learn From other people’s mistakes, So someone has to be “other people” And I think I’ve got what it takes.

Good Friend

Sometimes life hands you a rose garden; Sometimes it’s the city dump. So it’s always nice to have a good friend Just to help get you over the hump.