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Old Maid

Henry kissed me long ago, Longer than you need to know. Memories of that day gone by, One last wish before I die. When carving letters on my stone, Don’t put, “She lies here all alone.” Don’t put, “Love and marriage missed her.” For my epitaph just put, “HENRY KISSED HER!”

Three Wishes

Poor old Clem was set adrift With two other fellows. Wind had blown them out to sea Like some mighty bellows. Three long days without a bite, And water, they had none. Now their greatest enemy Had fast become the sun. Then a great big albatross, Tired out from days of flight, Had landed on […]


He yelled at his new bride, “There’re no ice cubes for my tea!” “Don’t blame me,” she said, “I couldn’t find your recipe.”

Dangerous Dreamers

Dangerous dreamers are those Who lie back in silent repose, Believing that such evil men If just treated kindly, Would never do evil again. Dangerous dreamers are those Who speak out and loudly oppose That most noble occupation Of brave men and women Who died defending our nation. Dangerous dreamers are those Whose thinking is […]

Stupid Stork

Last night when Mommy tucked me in I hugged her neck and kissed her, She whispered that the “Baby Stork” Was bringing me a little sister. If I can catch that stupid bird Before it finds my mother, I’ll make it take my sister back And swap it for a little brother!