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Grandma’s Got a Skateboard

Our grandma got her a skateboard And none of us know what to do. We’re all afraid she might get hurt. Because she’s almost eighty-two. We called her favorite doctor, Who is a veterinarian. He said that’s much too dangerous For an octogenarian. He told us that our Gram’s old bones Had gotten brittle as […]

Baby Brother

Come see my baby brother, You can only take a peek. But you mustn’t pick him up ‘Cause I think he has a leak. My folks say he is spoiled, But no matter what they say, I know that he’s not spoiled, He just often smells that way.


All my grandma’s darling sisters Bug me about getting married. At everybody’s wedding I am the single one most harried. Each aunt pokes me with an elbow And then, much like a witch’s hex, With wink of eye each one says, “I surely hope that you are next.” I’m pretty sure I got it stopped […]

Reflections on Being Tall

The other day, a man looked up And said to me, “God, you’re so tall!” I looked down at him and said, “I’m not God, I”m God at all.” He asked me then, “Do you play sports, Perhaps basketball or hockey?” I said, “No, but what about you, I would guess that you’re a jockey?” […]

Bueford’s Funeral

Bueford’s funeral was too long It certainly was most boring. Lots of the mourners went to sleep, Some of them were even snoring. A boring service much too long. Wonder why some preachers do it. Good thing that he couldn’t hear it, Bueford wouldn’t have lived through it.