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Angel Helper

Jerry’s mother told him That dark should hold no fear, “God’s given you an angel And he is always near.” But dark is just for monsters And Jerry liked the light. He feared to go out in the dark And always stayed inside at night. But it was Jerry’s evening job To shut the barnyard […]

The Visit

Our loving grandson came to see us, He brought a girl that we should meet. That he would visit us from college Itself was really quite a treat. He introduced us to his girlfriend A perfect match for him we knew. The bags they carried were not presents She had brought her laundry too. We […]

Nun’s the Word

Harry always loved playing jokes Mostly at another’s expense. If decency had boundaries Harry would always cross the fence. He was hanging out with some friends When they saw a nun passing by. Now he could show this bunch of dudes That he was really one cool guy. He told his friends all to watch […]

They Must be Wondering

She was ninety-nine years old And as healthy as could be. So I asked her, as she stood there, “Why the gloom and misery?” She said all her life long friends Had already passed away. I said, “Surely you’re not lonely, You have visitors every day.” She said, “Oh, I’ve got new friends And older […]

Clean Underwear

I travel the land, the air and the sea And nothing can ever happen to me. No disaster can come upon me unaware Because I always have on clean underwear. Victims of weird unexplained incidents And airplane crashes and car accidents Could all have been safe with a little care If they had just had […]