Nun’s the Word

Harry always loved playing jokes
Mostly at another’s expense.
If decency had boundaries
Harry would always cross the fence.

He was hanging out with some friends
When they saw a nun passing by.
Now he could show this bunch of dudes
That he was really one cool guy.

He told his friends all to watch him
He was going to have some fun.
He knew that they’d tell everyone
If he could only kiss this nun.

Harry waited ’til she got close
So that he had no chance to miss.
Then he grabbed her and embraced her
And gave her quite a lengthy kiss.

He told her it was for a bet
Some friends dared him to kiss a nun.
Then things had gone from bad to worse.
When he found out what he had done

It seems the nun who Harry kissed
Was some guy whose name was Marty
And he was dressed up as a nun
To go to a costume party.


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