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Hollow Promise

The Easter Bunny came today. And left me lots of things real neat. Best of all a chocolate bunny Which I could hardly wait to eat. It’s awful how they fool us kids. Disappointment’s hard to swallow. Just now when I bit its ear off, I found out that it was hollow!


Yesterday I saw some ravens Chase an eagle through the sky. To explain why eagles flee from ravens I don’t intend to try. Today I saw two scissortails Attack a raven on the go. What goes around comes around Even for a crow.


Go ahead and have your fun, Laugh at how I talk And because I wear my boots, Laugh at how I walk. You think that saying “You all” Is really quite passé. But it certainly beats “You guys” Like all of you all say. Make fun of the appliances Sitting out in my front yard, […]

Club Rules

Mommy walked me then she rocked me Sang me songs and hugged me tight Told me just how much she loved me Told me I should go night-night. Then she put me in my bed Then she told me, “Go to sleep” Said that it was Baby’s bedtime Told me not to make a peep. […]


I planned to call this girl I met, Who had invaded every dream. I knew I’d marry her someday And we would be a lifelong team. A girl I’d never even touched Nor had I held in my embrace. But every time I closed my eyes I could still see her lovely face. She answered […]