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I Love My You

An O with a stumpy tail A letter of little use; Used by the duck But not by the goose. A letter of which I’m not too keen; But used by royalty It’s fit for a queen. When we play Scrabble We find that the Q Is almost worthless Without its U. I’ve much in […]


Two little wooden dolls lay drying, Side by side on a wooden table. One doll decided his name was Cain, The other doll had chosen Abel. Cain asked Abel, “How did we get here? I wonder how we came to evolve?” Abel said, that someone had made them, “That’s no difficult problem to solve.” But […]

The Wave

It started as a tiny ripple, On its journey toward the distant shore. It grew into a towering wave Its voice became a mighty roar. With strength that knew no earthly bounds, When fed by summer storm and tide; The little ripple, now a wave, Rushed on with ever growing pride. Mighty ships caught in […]


The words you thoughtfully Put to pen, Are carefully weighed For only then. You’ll know the price You have to pay For just how much You had to say.


Our preacher preached last Sunday How we should help the poor. He said we’re put here to help others. So what are the others put here for?