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Macadamia Nuts

He was making his first visit, Though she had been there quite a while. He thought of her mindless chatter And of her toothless gummy smile. The nurse told him that he should wait, That she was ready to come back. Her hospital room was cheery And was much neater then her shack. As senior […]


My vegetarian friends say that I am cruel and bad. The meat I eat for dinner was some poor critter’s mom or dad. I may eat Mom or Dad and aunts and uncles maybe. But I find it much more tender to eat the critter’s baby. They say that God will get me, for eating […]

Family Seat

My wife and I have found few things On which we disagree. For worse or better, forty years And eye to eye is how we see. Yet there is just one tiny thing, (At least to me it seems real small). It tends to make my wife see red And never fails to raise her […]

Forgotten Proposal

He was getting up in years, His memory had gone south. He’d forget what he was thinking Before it even reached his mouth. Last week he’d asked Maybell If she would be his bride. He couldn’t think what she had said, No matter how he tried. So he quickly wrote a letter To see just […]

Do You Love Me?

The day we got married I told you so… If anything changes You’ll be first to know.