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Gender Offender

I said, “That’s a pretty girl you have.” She said, “You’re talking about my son.” I thought some flattery in order To correct the faux pas I had done. I said, “His mother! But you’re so young! You surely mean that he’s your brother?” She said, “Apology’s accepted But I’m his dad, I’m not his […]

Movin’ On

We were standing in the park, Just talking about dying. Talking about our funerals And if there’d be lots of crying. That kind of stupid talking Makes me a little nervous. Then they asked me what I want said At my own funeral service. One guy hoped that they would say, That he’d been a […]


We were Rock Farm Poor, Me and Paw and my sister Blossom. The first time we ate chicken, Sis said it tasted just like ‘possum. When they fought the war on poverty, Paw was the biggest offender. But they ran him out of the ‘crutin office When he went down to surrender. Blossom had to […]


Last night while rocking in my chair And staring at the floor, It wasn’t de-ja vu to know That I’d done this before. I took the dog out for a walk And then I went to bed. I got up at the crack of noon, Had ham and eggs and bread. I called my neighbor […]


I noticed them when I walked in; they were sitting in a booth. They seemed a very loving couple, for two so long of tooth. I saw they were a happy pair, they’d talk and then they’d laugh. But when their fries and burger came, the man divided them in half. The man then calmly […]