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Why call it a service station? You wouldn’t get it on a dare! You have to check your oil yourself And also fill your tires with air. Just to keep those little valve caps, From always rolling underneath, I find it quite convenient, For me to hold them in my teeth. I know that they’re […]

Good Advice

“Before you criticize someone First walk a mile in their shoes.” Now that’s the kind of bad advice That’ll land you in the evening news To just walk off in someone’s shoes, I think for sure is bad advice. You’d probably get arrested Which, for you, wouldn’t be so nice. But then again, on second […]


I saw him buy a ticket, This farmer that I knew. If he won the lottery, I asked him what he’d do. He said he’d like a coonhound, So he’d buy a Blue Tick pup. Then he’d keep on farming ‘Til he used the rest all up.”


He took her up the flight of stairs And kissed her on her golden hair. He tucked her in her little bed And then he left her lying there. He got back to his paperwork And he had just begun to think, When he heard her call out, “Daddy, Would you please bring me a […]


He had preached his usual sermon That the parishioners knew so well. Not much time spent on Heaven And too much spent on Hell. After service everyone Liked to visit in the hall. It was there that little Freddy, Saw some plaques up on the wall. The pastor noticing his interest Ran his hand through […]