Good Advice

“Before you criticize someone
First walk a mile in their shoes.”
Now that’s the kind of bad advice
That’ll land you in the evening news

To just walk off in someone’s shoes,
I think for sure is bad advice.
You’d probably get arrested
Which, for you, wouldn’t be so nice.

But then again, on second thought,
You might not have that much to lose.
You would be a mile away.
And you would also have his shoes.

In Good Advice, I just thought that I would make fun of the old saying, “Never criticize someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.”

Someone told me that it is an old Indian saying. I’ve heard it all of my life so I am sure you have too.

My mother was a registered nurse and she never would let me wear anyone else’s shoes. I guess that she was afraid that I would get some rare foot disease or something. Which reminds me of a story. When we lived in Albuquerque there was a group of people that would take instruments to the courthouse square on Sunday afternoons and lie around and, as the kids say now, “chill out.” They usually took their shoes off and left them sitting around.

There was a newspaper add one day that read. “If the person who stole my boots last Sunday will contact me at the below listed number, I will discuss with him several treatments that I have found that somewhat relieve the pain of the rare incurable foot fungus that you will catch from wearing them.”


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