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Waiting on God

Two rowboats rowed along the river that once had been a street. A priest sat high atop his chapel, no higher place could he retreat. “Come down,” they yelled, “Get in the boat, the water’s rising and you’ll drown!” The priest said, “God is my protector” and waved them off with knowing frown. A rescue […]


The aliens had landed… It was all over TV! On all of the news channels, The only thing you could see. They were strange looking creatures But nobody seemed to mind. They said they’d come here to learn How to best serve mankind. Then the scholars among them Had landed here for a look. What […]


What a pretty thing, she had thought, As she had watched it going by. She had barely caught its movement Out of the corner of her eye. Then once again it passed her by. Now a noisy irritation. Just to reach out there and grab it Had become a strong temptation. Still not enough for […]