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When God first made man from the dust and the dirt, He made him no partner with whom he could flirt. He made him a garden, with critters and plants, But God saw no need to make Adam pants. He was happy alone, according to story, As he sat about naming the whole inventory. With […]

Fatal Attraction

It was a lawyer’s dream and he rubbed his hands with glee. With unlimited deep pockets, he would get a princely fee. The fame of the defendant would make him known worldwide. It would be the biggest case, that this lawyer ever tried. For his client suffered damages, unequaled anywhere. It was such a huge […]


Two young brothers lay side by side, pondering the meaning of life; There was Believer so full of joy and Doubter who focused on strife. Believer could hear the voice of God, it filled his thoughts with wonder; Doubter would say, “That wasn’t God, all that you heard was thunder.” Doubter was content, or so […]

The Lunch

My mother could make such a wonderful lunch, With sandwiches so tasty and chips you could crunch. Each sandwich was full of all she could cram, With all kinds of meats, but of course never ham. Now this was to be a most special day, With no time to dawdle and no time to play. […]

Lost Sheep

I knew that things were wrong with life. I lost my job and lost my wife. From deep within there came a voice, “It’s time for you to make a choice.” No easy thing for me to do. I gave up God at twenty-two. I used the paper for my search. I had to find […]