Lost Sheep

I knew that things were wrong with life.
I lost my job and lost my wife.

From deep within there came a voice,
“It’s time for you to make a choice.”

No easy thing for me to do.
I gave up God at twenty-two.

I used the paper for my search.
I had to find a godly church.

The ad was good, it sounded true,
“Come let us share our love with you.”

They shook my hand at the front door
And then they spoke to me no more.

“Fill out this card and sign your name.”
I sat there with my heart aflame.

“It’s just to count the ones who’re new.
We promise we won’t bother you.”

No one really seemed to care,
How much, right then, I needed prayer.

A keyboard loud, with sound of chimes.
They sang one song a thousand times.

They spoke of giving without limits.
The offering took a hundred minutes.

The worship then, sincere and loud,
It was a very joyful crowd.

A “Just-For-Christians” altar call,
I didn’t fit in here at all.

No call for me to yield my soul,
No call for me to join the fold.

When all the Christians went to pray,
I quietly stood and slipped away.

So often we get caught up in our own relationship with God, family or anything else, that we forget God’s great commission, which is to take His Word to those who don’t know Him.

I saw this happen at our church one Sunday morning. When I got home I wrote Lost Sheep.

Several of us shook his hand as he left and mouthed the words, “Glad to have you” and “Be sure to come back”, but maybe he had come for something more. Perhaps he had a special need for prayer or was he just passing through? Did we miss a chance to make him feel at home and perhaps to add another member to our congregation? Maybe the church office will use his visitor’s card to follow up, maybe the chance is gone forever.

Have you ever seen this happen in your church? Maybe it has even happened to you, I hope not.

Matthew 18:12


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