Young Bride

We were on our morning walk
Just us two, ole Bea and me.
I told ole Bea, “You’re getting old.”
For we had both turned fifty-three.

Then we saw him stuck fast there
In hot asphalt, a little toad.
I pried him loose most carefully
And took him well out of the road.

And then, just like in storybook,
The toad began to talk to me.
“You have been kind, you’ve earned a wish.”
Which made me think of dear ole Bea.

Well I had all that one could need,
It was, I felt my prime of life.
But you know when I pondered it,
I sure could use a younger wife.

I told the toad, “I want a wife
A wife as faithful as ole Bea,
But make sure that you conjure her
Younger, by thirty years, than me.”

Then, “POOF”, I felt a sudden change.
How could the toad do that to me?
Well Bea is still the same ole Bea
But now it seems, I’m eighty-three!


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