Why call it a service station?
You wouldn’t get it on a dare!
You have to check your oil yourself
And also fill your tires with air.

Just to keep those little valve caps,
From always rolling underneath,
I find it quite convenient,
For me to hold them in my teeth.

I know that they’re made of plastic
But unless my taste is faulty,
I have always seemed to notice,
That they taste a little salty.

Now if I lived up in the North
The salty taste I’d understand,
They salt their icy roads up there
Instead of spreading them with sand.

Or if I’d been down to the beach,
In the damp salty ocean air,
There’d be a reason for the taste,
A lot more easier to bare.

Today I found out the answer,
It isn’t one that I desire.
I just now caught the neighbor’s dog
Relieving himself on my tire!


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