Wise Counsel

He wanted to be a gunslinger, he had gotten pretty good.
He had busted lots of bottles and shot up lots of wood.
It was time to go to Tombstone and show what he could do,
He would hang out with the Earps and shoot a dude or two.

He found Wyatt, at the Oriental, leaning back beneath the clock,
Listening to the piano player that everyone called, “Doc”.
He walked right up to Wyatt, he was going to show his skill.
He had shot up lots of bottles and was anxious for a kill.

He drew his gun so fast, before the eye could blink
And without the need to aim, shot the piano player’s drink.
Wyatt said, “Your right hand’s fast but can you use the other?
If a fighter can’t use both, he’d best stay home with Mother.”

And then with speed as fast as when he shot Doc’s drink,
He used his other hand and shot Doc’s gold cuff link.
The young man’s shots were good and he was very proud.
He wanted everyone to hear so he spoke extra loud.

I can shoot the snake eyes right off a pair of dice,
I’m going to be a gunfighter so give me your advice?”
Wyatt never liked to talk, his language was a gun,
But he would humor this poor jerk because it might be fun.

Always wax your holsters to make a faster draw,
Don’t ever fight when you are drunk and never fight the law.
But most of all, if I were you, I think I’d learn to pray.
We call the piano player, “Doc”, but his last name’s Holliday!


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