Who Was That Woman?

She came riding a white Mustang,
And quickly tossed a charging bull.
She twisted both its horns around,
And gave its stupid tail a pull.

She stopped the rain before it had
A chance to get us soaking wet.
She kissed a booboo on my knee
Before I’d even time to fret.

She stopped the traffic in the street,
And helped us all to get across.
She chased a monster dog away,
And showed it quickly who was boss.

She stopped a bully throwing sand,
And taught him just how he should play.
And then she gave us lemonade,
Before she quickly drove away.

“Was that a whirlwind?” Tommy asked,
“Or was it an atomic bomb?”
“It wasn’t either one,” I said,
“I think that it was just my Mom!”


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