What Kind of Dinosaur?

I think that I would like to ride
A dinosaur to my school.
Although it probably is against
Somebody’s silly rule.

A dinosaur with a long neck,
So I could give my friends a ride.
The bully who is bad to us
Would probably just run and hide.

A big Tyrannosaurus Rex,
I think, would be a bit too mean.
They have some awful looking teeth,
At least the pictures that I’ve seen.

So if I had a choice, I think,
A Diplodocus is the one
That has the very longest neck,
And it must weigh at least a ton.

The Giganotosaurus
Might be a little hard to ride,
But it would scare the bully most
And make him run and try to hide.

I asked Dad how much they cost,
He said there was just no telling
And I should stop my daydreaming
And start working on my spelling.


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