Two Lies

It was past midnight,
I was going to bed,
When I saw two fellows
Breaking into my shed.

I locked all my doors
And I wished for a gun,
But all I could do
Was to call nine-one-one.

The dispatcher told me,
“We have no one near.
It will be half an hour
So sit down, have a beer.”

I waited three minutes
And then called her back.
“I shot those two guys
Breaking into my shack!”

“I think I killed one,
I sure wasn’t trying.
The other one’s alive
But he tells me he’s dying.”

Three minutes later
My house was surrounded;
A war zone erupted,
The way that it sounded.

The cops caught the guys
But I sure hadn’t thrilled them;
The sergeant yelled at me,
“You said that you killed them!”

I yelled back at him,
“No worse than your lie!
That no patrol cars were
Available close by!”

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#1 Bradley Barnes on 07.31.10 at 5:46 am

I think this one is my favorite! I think needs a Facebook page!

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