My dog is an ugly dog,
As anyone can see.
He’s not the kind that folks like,
But he’s good enough for me.

He spins around in circles,
When he greets me after school.
That’s why I named him “Twister,”
And I think he’s really cool.

His legs look like a Beagle’s,
And his hair a porcupine.
His eyes are sort of crossed;
Mom jokes they look like mine.

He’s got a squashed-up nose
Like Sally’s Pekinese.
He really is quite ugly;
Dad says he scares off fleas.

His tail is long and scruffy,
It tends to knock things over.
He likes to roll in dead things;
He doesn’t smell like clover!

Uncle asked if I would take
A million bucks for Twister.
“Not ten million bucks,” I said
“But I’ll sell you my big sister!”


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