Sister has the best toys,
She has so many more.
That’s ’cause she is oldest
I think she’s almost four.

Bubba’s toys are neatest,
I think they’re really cool.
They must stay in his crib
‘Cause that’s my Mommy’s rule.

I wish that I could talk.
Then someone would be told
That I need all new toys
‘Cause mine are getting old!

Every parent with more than one child has experienced sibling rivalry. Toys are a child’s first possessions and they must be guarded diligently. Children realize early in life that the toys belonging to their siblings are more desirable than their own. They are willing to spend a large portion of their waking hours in an attempt to obtain those toys for their own play, while at the same time protecting their own toys from being borrowed.

Toys is a poem about this rivalry and the childhood envy with which we are all born. It should be noted that envy is not restricted to children, a little of it is carried with us throughout life.


#1 sara savalli on 10.08.10 at 8:09 am

do you know of any poems about the power of a toy for a child, or the joy a toy brings to a child when they receive it?

#2 wayne on 10.12.10 at 8:03 pm

I haven’t written any such poem but the movie Toy Story is a good example of what you are looking for.

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