Three Wishes

Poor old Clem was set adrift
With two other fellows.
Wind had blown them out to sea
Like some mighty bellows.

Three long days without a bite,
And water, they had none.
Now their greatest enemy
Had fast become the sun.

Then a great big albatross,
Tired out from days of flight,
Had landed on their rowboat,
An answer to their plight.

Three pairs of hands had grabbed it,
For it would make a meal.
But the crafty albatross
Had quickly made a deal.

“I’m a magic albatross,
I’ll prove my claim is true.
If you guys turn me loose,
Here’s what I’ll do for you.”

The albatross then told them,
To pay for his release,
He’d grant the guys three wishes.
They’d get one wish apiece.

Well, the first two wished for home,
Their wishes both came true.
Now poor Clem was all alone,
He wondered what to do.

“I mustn’t waste my one wish,”
Clem thought aloud in fear,
“The other two could help me.
I wish that they were here!”


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