The Whole Load

He was a country preacher,
With a country preacher’s zeal.
His earnings were quite small
Sometimes a single meal.

Attendance was erratic,
His congregation small.
But when all thirty came at once,
They barely fit inside the hall.

Then one snowy Sunday morning
One old rancher named Jerome,
Was the only one to show up,
The preacher said, “Let’s both go home.”

The rancher said, “Now preacher,
I’ve got cattle that I feed,
If only one old steer shows up
Should I not satisfy his need?”

The pastor, knowing he was right
Began to preach with mounting power.
The old rancher had his fill
Along about the second hour.

He stood up and told the preacher,
“I think it’s time I hit the road.
When just one steer comes up to eat
I don’t feed him the whole darn load!”


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