The Thing

It’s an ugly little creature,
My sister thinks that it’s a gnome.
It sticks to things around the house
Like bits of paper to a comb.

I put it in a great big box
And shipped it off to Uruguay.
But it was back and stuck on me,
Before the middle of the day.

I gave it to an astronaut
To carry with him to the moon.
I found it on our bathroom wall
When I went there that afternoon.

I put it in the litter box,
I knew what Kitty Cat would do.
But now it’s on our breakfast table
And all of us are saying, “PHEW”.

If it weren’t so big and ugly,
I really think I wouldn’t care.
But now it’s stuck tight to my face
And it makes lots of people stare.

I guess that I am stuck with it
Like some big glob of yucky glue.
You’d better check on your forehead
You might have one stuck on you too!


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