The Put Down

For holding up traffic, she was doing her part;
She had stopped for a light, now her car wouldn’t start.
The fellow behind her was an impatient cuss,
When things weren’t his way, he could sure raise a fuss.

For all women drivers he had nothing but scorn;
So he said some choice words then he laid on his horn.
His honking frustrated and made matters worse,
She was going to cry and reached for her purse.

But instead she got mad and jumped out her door,
She would go see this driver and give him what for!
He rolled down his window, his anger was raw,
“Women shouldn’t drive cars, they should make it the law.”

She answered, “If men like you are so smart,
Then I’m sure you know how to make my car start.
So I’ve got a plan that’s better by far,
I’ll stay here and honk, and you start my car!”

“A soft answer turneth away wrath,” Proverbs 15:1. That’s the moral of The Put Down.

The lady was frustrated to tears but was still able to put an obnoxious boar in his place. She was trying to tell the guy that honking his horn was of no help in getting the problem resolved. Someone once defined a split second as being, ‘the time between when the light turns green and the driver behind you honks’.

What makes the story so funny is that the lady seems to be affirming the point that honking is necessary and she is willing to perform the function for him so that he can go and try to get her car started.


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