The Plan Of Salvation

A Rabbi, Priest, andĀ  Minister
Were discussing Salvation’s plan.
They wondered why Salvation
Had been offered solely to man.

Each friend had his own idea
Of just how to gain salvation
But all three of them had agreed
It should be for allĀ  creation.

They decided they’d be the first
To teach salvation to a beast.
They’d see whose plan God would approve;
The Rabbi, Minister, and Priest.

They each would use the same beast,
In order to make the test fair.
After a much debated vote,
They all decided on the bear

The three friends could hardly wait
To put each of their plans to test;
To see which of their sacred plans
Would prove to be the very best.

The priest decided to try first.
He found a bear and sprinkled it,
And offered him a Rosary.
The bear seemed not to notice it.

The minister was next to try.
He preached it brimstone and hellfire.
But all attempts to baptize it
Proved to be nothing short of dire.

The ER at the hospital
Called about their friend the Rabbi.
He had been the last of the three
With a salvation plan a try.

He spoke to them through tubes and tape
Of his poorly planned decision;
He said it was a bad mistake
To begin with Circumcision!


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