The Mosley

I came upon a Mosley
As I played outside today.
I guess I should have left it
On the grass right where it lay.

But I heard some grown-ups say
(And grownups are s’posed to know)
That if you wet a Mosley
It is fun to watch it grow.

So I got me a bucket
Of water and I soaked it.
Then I got me a stick
And I prodded and I poked it.

It didn’t seem to notice
So it was a big surprise
When out of that old Mosley
Popped two great big funny eyes.

It had yet to grow a mouth,
So it couldn’t make a sound.
But it popped out two long legs
And began to hop around.

Then it grew an ugly nose
With a mustache underneath,
It suddenly grew a mouth
That was full of ugly teeth!

Well, that Mosley must have thought
It could also make me grow
Because it grabbed my bucket
And it wet me head to toe.

My folks just won’t believe me
Daddy said when they came in,
“There’re no such things as Mosleys.
You’ve just wet your bed again!”


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