The Kissing Tree

I’d rather play tag with an old toothless hag
Than to kiss the freckle-faced boy.
I would rather eat slop with pickles on top
Than to sit by stupid Leroy.

The girls all like Bob who I think is a snob
With his nose stuck up in the air,
And if it is true, what I just heard from Sue,
He sleeps with a pink Teddy Bear.

But it won’t take me long to say that you’re wrong
When you claim I like Stinky Stan.
And as for Jack Jones, who is just skin and bones,
He can’t run as fast as I can.

But the boy that I like, let’s just call him Mike,
Is funny and handsome and tall…
And if he chased me to the old kissing tree
I wouldn’t run too fast at all!


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