The Face of God

She saw Billy drawing pictures.
He was really concentrating.
He had used a lot of colors,
On the work he was creating.

So she asked what he was drawing,
As he drew with an earnest frown.
With the colors he was using,
She thought, a peacock or a clown.

He was deep in concentration
But he acknowledged with a nod.
When she asked what he was drawing
He said it was the face of God.

So she gave him every teacher’s,
I know much more than you do smile,
Looking down upon his desk top,
As she stood watching from the aisle

She said, “No one knows how God looks,
Why don’t you draw a pig or cow?”
He said, “No one knew how God looks,
But, everybody will know now!”

Little kids are always impressed with their own artwork, after all, it always goes right into their own art show on mother’s refrigerator.

In The Face Of God, Billy has enlightened the whole world on how God looks. With the exception of George Burns, every portrayal of God that I have ever seen has had a long Santa type beard. I have always wondered if the beard was to make him look ancient or wise. In the Arab world, it is a death penality offense to draw a picture of their God Mohammed. In case any Muslims are reading this poem, I would like to reiterate, THIS A DRAWING GOD, NOT MOHAMMED!

The teacher was probably nervous about the mention of God in the classroom. She could very well have been fired, had Billy insisted on his portrait being displayed, along with his classmates’ drawings out in the hallway. Perhaps we too could see the face of God were we to approach Him with the innocence and faith of a little child.


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