The Etiquette of Waving

When first you visit Texas,
Y’best learn how Texans wave
Or you could be mistaken
For a simple Yankee knave.

When you meet a relative,
As they first come into sight,
Quickly roll your window down
And wave with all your might.

For a neighbor or a friend,
A four finger wave’s the way.
Lift them from the steering wheel
As you mouth the words, “Good Day.”

When you’ve seen the guy before,
But it’s not been for a while,
A three finger wave’s just right
If you give a nod and smile.

But for a total stranger,
When first you catch his sight,
Raise two fingers from the wheel
Just to show him you’re polite.

To those who’ve done you evil,
Caused bad feelings that still linger,
To those you give a wave
With just a single finger.


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