The Elevator

They stood there in awe
The father and his boy,
Was this some type of magic
Or the Devil’s toy?

They lived out in the boonies
And the father thought a pity.
That his mountain family
Had never seen the city.

So there his son and he
Stood waiting for his wife,
He’d never seen a thing like this
In his hillbilly life.

An old woman with a cane
Went through the sliding door;
Little lights flashed numbers,
Two, then three, then four.

Then they flashed again
Three, then two, then one.
So there they stood in awe
The father and his son.

‘Cause when the door slid open
Could they believe their eyes?
The woman had turned beautiful
And now was half her size,

The man and boy just stood there
And stared at one another.
Then the father grabbed his son
And said, “Boy, go get your mother!”


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