The Dance Contest

Hi diddle diddle The Cat dumped the fiddle
And now plays the electric guitar.
The Cow and her friends said they wouldn’t “Jump”
‘Cause “The Moon” was out a little too far.

Little Dog’s band laughed at the dish
But they laughed a little too soon.
‘Cause she and her partner won the contest
With a dance that they called “The Spoon”.

I wrote The Dance Contest to explain an old nursery rhyme that was actually written for teenagers, “High diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle”. I am probably the only one that is aware of this little known fact. This line is actually about a fiddle player that switched to an electric guitar.

The Cow, in “The cow jumped over the moon,” was a dance group that thought the new dance called the Jump was a little too far out and refused to do it.

Little Dog in, “The little dog laughed to see such a sight,” was the name of the band. They were making fun of the way a really good-looking girl (Dish) and her partner were dancing.

They of course felt a little foolish when the couple won the contest with a brand new dance called the spoon, as in, “And the dish ran away with the spoon.”


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