The Code

The old priest had grown unhappy
Adultery had become rampant.
His confessional was busy
So many wanted to repent.

But their sin was oft repeated
here seemed a total lack of care.
The priest told his parishioners
Of growing feelings of despair.

So the members had a meeting
They would lighten the old priest’s load.
When they confessed adultery
They would all use a special code.

They’d no longer say adultery
They’d substitute a nicer word.
They would say that they had “fallen”
When adultery had occurred.

The old priest took a well earned leave
He had been feeling quite unwell.
And his replacement was surprised
At how so many claimed they fell.

So he complained to the mayor
Who also knew about the code.
With so many people falling
Shouldn’t he try to fix the road ?

But the mayor only chuckled
Much to the young priest’s dismay.
He said, “Mayor, you shouldn’t laugh,
Your wife fell twice just yesterday.”

*Here again I took poetic license. I know that falling is not a sin and would not require a confession but it does make a funny story.


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