The Choice

Just a slip of a girl
From a very small town
Where the gossip was quick
To drag anyone down

A girl that was single
Was having a baby
It was surely a sin,
No if, and, or maybe

No way to explain
An illegitimate child
And the rumors were swift
They’d begun to run wild

She had led a good life
And had tried not to sin
But her neighbors now thought
How terrible she’d been

The man she would marry
What’s he going to say?
Just how could she tell him?
It would sure ruin his day

No DNA testing
But no need to bother
‘Cause she knew her betrothed
Could not be the father

She was such a young girl
At this time in her life
That a baby would cause
Her a whole lot of strife

A quick marriage was planned
And a trip far away
He was a carpenter
Who made very poor pay

So if he would have her
Considering her plight
They might still not survive
With a budget so tight

He was a good person
Such a very nice man
But everyone wondered
Whether he’d understand

All her friends were too quick
With unwanted advice
No good man would want her
Even one that was nice

Before someone tells him
There is no need for doubt
As friends we must tell you
Take the easy way out

You know its just tissue
It’s not yet become life
So why should it cause you
So much unneeded strife

But she knew what they called
Only fetal demise
Was the death of a child
In her God’s holy eyes.

And for this special child
What a sin it would be
And not just against God
But all humanity

What a terrible world
Of hate and retortion
If Mary of Nazareth
Had had an abortion

Well, it’s time to get serious. This poem clearly shows what my feelings are on abortion. I read a list somewhere, of all of the famous people who would have probably been aborted had their mothers had access to the procedure. Who knows how many of God’s wounderful plans for humanity have been aborted along with the millions of fetuses? When I wrote this poem, it was my hope that it could be of use, in some small way, by anyone involved in pro-life. If it can be used in any way to save the lives of unborn babies, I freely give my permission.


#1 D. Smith on 01.18.09 at 12:21 pm

Thanks for a great story-telling poem concerning abortion. We need more people who will speak out against it, and of course, and not least….people to pray for the unborn

#2 wayne on 02.24.09 at 8:47 am

Thanks D Smith,
Encouragement from people like you helps.

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