The Bicycle

Pedro wanted a bike as bad as he could want.
The other boys all had one, as they were quick to taunt.
He’d say a prayer each day at his grandma’s little shrine.
“Dear Jesus, won’t you give me a bike that’s really mine?”

He even wrote a letter and gave it to the priest.
“Jesus can’t you hear me, won’t you answer me at least?”
One night he watched a TV show that made him stop and think.
Some kids got lots of money with just a pen and ink.

That’s where he got the idea, it was right there on TV.
“If it could work for those kids, it would certainly work for me.”
He snuck into his grandma’s room, took Mary from her shrine.
No one saw him do it, everything was working fine.

He hid her in his bedroom and started on a note.
He knew he’d get his bike, ’cause this is what he wrote.
“Dear Jesus, I’ve got your mother, you know my words are true.
If you ever want to see her, here’s what you’ll have to do…”

I first heard this story at church and it seemed like a good story to put to rhyme. When one tries to make lines rhyme it’s often necessary to change words to make them suitable.

The plot may have changed but the moral is still the same. Pedro, like so many people today, is willing to stop at nothing to get what he wants from God. In The Bicycle, Pedro has applied an earthly solution to try and force God to supply his wants.

I doubt that Pedro got his bicycle.


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