The Banquet

I didn’t want to tell her,
Because she thinks that I’m too soft.
I knew that when she found out,
I’d be sleeping in the loft.

The rooms have both been empty
And our business has been slow.
We really need to rent them,
Because we really need the dough.

Our nicest room was upstairs
We had fixed it up to rent.
Peter said it was the one
He was sure the Master meant.

My wife had spent long hours
Getting everything just right.
She’d set up the long table,
It was such a pretty sight.

My son had gone for water,
When he met the two, you see,
They said the Master sent them
And they had to talk to me.

One man said his name was John
And the big one’s name was Pete.
They had come to get a room
Where thirteen of them could eat.

I rubbed my hands together,
I would ask a handsome price.
They’d not find another room
That was even half as nice.

So I thought it was a joke,
The kind that’s never funny,
When John said they were teachers
And had no need for money.

They said they were to tell me
“The Master has need of it.”
They seemed sure that I’d agree
But my wife would have a fit.

And she would surely tell me,
“Just how stupid can you be?
Tomorrow is Passover
When we double-up our fee!”

I don’t know what possessed me,
It would surely cause me strife.
I said that they could have it
But how would I tell my wife?

Well now I had to face her
And tell her what I had done.
I took a bunch of flowers,
It sure would not be fun.

I made sure when I told her,
That she didn’t have her broom.
She said, “Don’t you think I knew?
Jesus needs THE UPPER ROOM!”

Luke 22:7-13

When I read one of my Bible Story poems to children, I like to see how soon they can guess the Bible story that it is about. When I read the title of this poem, my grandson, Ryan, said, “It’s about the Last Supper isn’t it?” Have you ever wondered what people thought when they came in contact with Jesus? What would you have said if two strangers had come up to you and told you that the Master needed your room for the night? Jesus could have provided money for the room. He could have gotten it out of a fish’s mouth, like he did on another occasion, but it would have robbed the owner of a blessing. Unlike the claims of some TV evangelists, we should not always expect to glean huge returns on the gifts we give to God.


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